ATEX Horn Speaker


Atex horn speaker is a rugged recessed loudspeaker for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas. These speakers are equipped with a rugged, explosion-proof material enclosure, and the wiring is enclosed in a dust-proof and moisture-proof small room.
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ATEX Horn Speaker

ATEX horn speaker 30W

The installation of KNTECH atex horn speakers is simple and easy with the help of deformation-resistant stainless steel bracket. As standard, each speaker has a dual entrance. All models meet ATEX and CE standards.

The horn feature

1. Explosion proof Speaker design and certified by TUV ATEX standard.

2. Material/Colour: Anti-static Polyamide/Black

3. Waterproof rating IP66 dust proof IP66.

4. Service temperature range from -40 ℃ to +55℃.

5. For 360° lossless broadcast

6. fixed resistance KNLB-Ex30 without transformer.

7. For use public address and paging application

8. Application: Products are widely used in petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, sea oil, nuclear power, shipbuilding, tunnels and other projects requiring explosion-proof grade Speaker.

The explosion proof speaker atex paging type and marking

atex horn speaker

Frequency Response @ /1W/1m

the freq for explosion proof speakers paging

The size ahout it

The explosion proof speaker installation dimension drawing


Unit size: 250(Ø)*352(L)mm

Unit G W: 3.7kg

1 pcs in a inside box. Box size: 270x270x390 cm G.W: 3.7KG

2pcs in a CTN box. CTN box size: 570x 290×420 cm G.W:7.8KG

==>>>> Product Specification

Type Description

The appearance of the speakers mold is the same, the difference built-in transformer or not.

explosion proof horn main view 

Specification for all the speakers

explosion proof horn
explosion proof horn main view
explosion proof horn 30w explosion proof horn

==>>>>Telephone System

atex horn speaker telephone system

==>>>>Product Application

explosion proof speaker outdoor application explosion proof speaker outdoor application explosion proof speaker outdoor application explosion proof speaker outdoor application

atex speakerand alarm sounder

atex speakerand alarm sounder

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures

atex horn speaker main view atex horn speaker left view atex horn speaker right view atex horn speaker top view